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Mary Anne Loftus

Hi, Duane. Great web page!

I've recently started to research my family history again after a layoff of a few years. I've managed to do quite well, but one of the branches of my family tree that's given me trouble has been that of my maternal grandmother, who numbers a LOFTUS among her ancestors.

Mary Anne Loftus, my great-great grandmother, was born in 1850 in upstate New York (that's what it say on her death certificate---"upstate" New York). Her parents were Francis Loftus, born Ireland, and Mary (maiden name unknown) Loftus, also born in Ireland. According to other information on the death certificate, the family moved to New York City (Manhattan) in 1857.

Mary Anne Loftus married Patrick Henry Fitzgerald, an Irish immigrant, at St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, 16 Barclay Street, New York, NY 10007, c. 1866. One of their children, Ellen (my great-grandmother) was born in Manhattan in 1869.

Mary Anne Loftus died in Manhattan on Nov. 4, 1897 and was buried in Calvary Cemetery in Queens, NY on Nov. 7, 1897. I believe that her parents, Francis and Mary Loftus, also died in New York City (Manhattan), but so far I've been unable to find any record of their deaths.

My name is Mary-Agnes Bornhoeft. I'm an attorney/editor. You can contact me at my e-mail address.
In the event you can't get through to me there (I have so much trouble getting on to AOL I might drop it soon), you can contact me through my husband's business e-mail address.

Thanks for all the information, particularly that about County Mayo.

Ron Loftus

Thank you for the work you are doing on the LOFTUS name.

My name is Ron Loftus...Orig. Born London Eng. 1936. the fourth child of six children of Micheal Edward Loftus. His father Charles is what I am looking for.

It was interesting to find The first record (1580): 300 years..
While England, Scotland and Wales have an interesting history. I was wondering if there is any other web sites that can find earlier dates of the name in other locations. Of course, I know there are many Loftus names that have been changed, i.e. lofthouse/Loftdweller/Lofts/Loftis/etc.

All I am trying to find is the oldest date.. Anyway, if you happen to come accross something interesting, please E-Mail me at

Kindest regards
Ron Loftus..San Diego California..

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Jeff Danner

My wife and I are trying to solve a mystery. We are seeking imformation on Catherine Loftus of Ireland who married a Gordon Daily of Canada and then moved to Wisconsin and had a son THOMAS W DAILY.

Thomas was born in 1877 and we have no information on his parents. Catherine Loftus would be the Great Grandmother of my wife SANDRA KAY DAILY-DANNER,

Do you have any information on this puzzle????

Thank You For Your Time,

Jeff Danner

Email for Info

Mary Theresa Loftus
Looking for information on a Mary Theresa Loftus, born 1877 Balcarra, County Mayo, Ireland, father Thomas Loftus.

Lee G. Carr
Darrell Gene Loftus II
Hi, my name is Darrell Gene Loftus II

I don't know much about my family heritage on my father's side, Darrell Gene Loftus I. I know that my father is from West Virginia as well as his brothers and sisters.

I know my information is quite vague, but until my mother can give me more information as to my grandparents, I will e-mail again. I also want to see if you may be able to send me in the right direction.

By the way my parents divorced when I was about 4 yrs. old, but my father's blood runs thru my veins, and that makes me a Loftus.

I would appreciate any information. Thanks for making the web page, it is encouraging to know that their are other Loftus' world wide.

Darrell Gene Loftus II
Toby Loftus
Greetings Duane!

I stumbled on your site and may be able to get you some information about a bunch of Loftus folks mostly in the Pacific Northwest.

My understanding is that my great-grandfather came to Wisconsin from Norway. His name was Lofthus, but he dropped the "h" to make the name more "American".

Anyway, there are a bunch of Loftus-types here in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska stemming from his family, and if you are interested, I may be able to get you a copy of our tree, which was put together several years ago by some of my relatives. The main family names involved in this tree include:
Loftus, Younger, Roth, and Wiegert.

-Toby A. Loftus
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David Lofthus

My name is David Lofthus (with an 'h') and I live outside of Rochester, NY (USA).
I have been assigned to do a family history project and am curious about how the 'h' became dropped from Lofthus, Norway to Loftus, England.

Possibly something about Vikings (conquering territories)? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

David Lofthus
James B. Loftus, Jr
My name is James B. Loftus, Jr. son of (who else) James B. Loftus, Sr., son of Joseph Loftus of Dana, Illinois.

I'm not sure of the names before that (for shame). This band is from Ireland: Joseph's parents immigrated to the US.

I have four brothers: John, Mark, Kevin and Michael. My father had a brother, Francis, and a sister, Mary Ellen.

I'll poke around and report back with more.

Email me at
Ann Loftus
I haven't a lot of info - but do know of an Ann Loftus b. LaCrosse, WI? 1990's?; married Wallace Wickberg - lived in Gary, Indiana raising 5 children.

I do have some specifics about these children, and their progeny if someone is interested.

Just E-mail me.

Lavinia Loftus -From E. Cunningham
Haven't done much research on the Loftus family but while researching my grandparent Allender's family I found that Lavinia Loftus married Thomas D. Allender. They had at least two children, James Allender born about 1847 and Cornelia Allender born about 1850. I think there were several others and these two were the youngest. I believe that I have some information that for some reason or other these two children were raised by a Clayton family or an Amos family. They were born in either Maryland or southern PA.

I plan to make an attempt to get into this family as soon as I find out some more about the Allender family. Your page looks great and I hope I can find something here that will be helpful. If I don't I have certainly found this to be an interesting page. (James Allender was my great grandfather so I guess Lavinia Loftus was my gg grandmother).

e. cunningham
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Michael J. Loftus
Greetings from Michael J. Loftus in Troy, Illinois, USA.

I am very interested in hearing more about the Loftus family. My Grandfather was Edward Loftus and was often referred to as "Red" due to his red complexion and red tint of hair.

I am a school administrator and just recently have joined the internet. My parents and grandparents are all gone now, so I am sort of at a dead-end to gather info. My e-mail is

Michael J. Loftus
Jennifer Ferguson
to whom it may concern.

i was given family history..starting with rt.rev.edward loftus, then goes to adam loftus, letitia loftus,elizabeth parsons,john woods,then his son william woods,then john woods, who was married to ann e mabane in 1750..

if this is part of this family tree..i would like to know i have all the generations of my family which i believe to be a total of 11..

please contact me jennifer ferguson. at

thank you
James H. Loftus

I have an aunt that is currently tracing our family history . As far as I know we are English / Irish. If you would like the highlights or a copy of what I have so far , please feel free to contact me. E-mail is JHLoftus I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

James H. Loftus

Millie Alexander

Millie Alexander here -
I'm trying to locate (for a friend) Nora LOFTUS PADDEN, born Aug. 16, 1872, Co. Cork, Ireland, died April 19, 1920, Joliet, Illinois, buried April 22, 1920, Mt. Olivet, Joliet, Illinois (Will Co.).

Her father was Thomas Loftus, brother Martin Loftus from Toronto, CANADA and a sister Mres. Timothy Kennedy who lived in Indianapolis, Indiana at the time of Nora's death. I did find some info. on Thomas Padden, but the above is all we have on Nora. Any suggestions, please let me know.

Thank you.


Anthony Loftus
Anthony Loftus - Chicago

Hi Duane:

I just checked out Loftus Registry page today, and how exciting. My mother was a Loftus and I'm trying to find out any info. I can about her grandfather, ANTHONY LOFTUS. My mother had told me that she believed he was born in Cork. I' ve done research through the branch of the National Archives in Chicago and through my grandfather's birth certificate.

I think he was born about 1837. I'm not sure what year he came to this country, but from other documents I have researched, it looks as if he applied for U.S. citizenship in Philadelphia in 1857.

He settled in Chicago, Illinois. He lived at 511 N. Halsted Street. According to the 1900 census his children were still living at this address in Chicago, Illinois during that census.

He married Mary Daughtery. They had five children (I believe all children were born in Chicago):

ANNIE (b. March 1872) (married William Kempton) ANTHONY (b. March 1875)
PATRICK HENRY (my grandfather) (b. Feb. 1879). Married Theresa GAVIN.
They had three daughters (Mary, Lucille and Annette (my mom)).
FRANK (b. Oct. 1884)
MICHAEL (b. ?)

ANTHONY LOFTUS and his wife MARY are buried in Calvary Cemetary in Evanston, IL (suburb of Chicago).

Hope this information isn't too convoluted. Maybe I can make a "link" with some other Loftus relations.

Thanks for any help.
I can be reached at
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