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Peter Loftus
March 15, 1996

Hi Duane!

Delighted to discover your site which Diane Loftus-Condrey, whom I contacted via soc.Genealogy.surnames, pointed me at.

Here are a few comments which I hope everybody will find useful:

1) First about me. My name is Peter Loftus. I am a retired aero-space engineer who still teaches Maths and Computer Science, part time at our local grammar school. I am an amateur genealogist and a swimming coach and I have all sorts of minor interests including looking after a 30ft canal boat on our local river.

I was born in London, went to university in Dublin (Trinity College) and worked mainly in Chshire and Kent where I now live - in the cathedral city of Rochester.

2) My father was Jack Loftus,(1898 - 1963) a medical practitioner from Castlerea in Co. Roscommon. He was the only married son of Thomas Loftus (1857 - 1925) who ran a pub and general store in the town. The building is still there but it is now a shoe shop!. He married a lady called Winifred Fannon (1855 -1930). In spite of hours of research in the National Library, the National Archive and the General register Office in Dublin I have not been able to find any trace of any siblings of either of them. The Census returns say that he was born in Galway and she in Roscommon. I remember talk of cousins of my father's but I've not been able to locate them yet. One of them married a man called Hession who lived in Co. Mayo. but whether she was a Loftus or a Fannon I have no idea. My father also spoke of a mysterious "Aunt B in America" but againI don't know from which side of the family she came.

I had a brother Kevin Loftus who lived for many years in Johannesburg S. Africa. He had two sons Brendan and John and a daughter Siobhan. Only John is married and has no children. Brendan and Siobhan live in England now. I have two sons Adam and Timothy and two daughters, both married. One of my sons is also married and has a son Johnathon. There are nearly 200 names in my family database but only 15 of them were born Loftuses.

3) My father always claimed that the Irish version of our name was O'Locnon but I think that he was guessing. Loftus is not a very common name in England. Of the approximately 20,000 entries in our local telephone directory there are nine Loftuses.

4) I was interested in Beth Smarr's list of the descendants of Edward Loftus of Swineshead (sic) in Yorkshire. Have you managed to sort out the actual tree from all this data? I tried but it is difficult, particularly because of the repetition of Christian names, Adam, Dudley and Nicholas. It's worth having a look at the entry in Burke's peerage. The important fact is that Edward Loftus' son Adam was the first protestant Archbishop of Dublin, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland and first Provost and founder of Trinity College, University of Dublin. In the metophoric sense he was indeed the architect of the college but not in the sense that Barbara Loftus suggests, that he designed the buildings. His nephew, another Adam, who also became Chancellor of Ireland was created Viscount Ely of Kings Co. (Offally). This peerage became extinct twice during the the ensuing centuries but was recreated, eventually for a man, Charles Tottenham who was married to a Loftus but assumed his wife's name. The current Earl, who is a direct descendant lives in Canada. The family seats were Rathfarnham Castle near Dublin and Loftus Hall in Wexford (the latter up to the beginning of the nineteenth Century at least; I hope that Mascha Voorham will be able to throw some light on this after his visit to Ireland in April).

5) Generally Loftuses who are Protestant are descended from this family but elsewhere in Ireland it is a Catholic name and probably an anglicisation as Barbara Loftus has suggested. The Irish names were very difficult for clerks and officials in Ireland during the 16th to 19th Centuries, who were generally English, to spell. (Irish is a very difficult language if your mother tongue is English!!)

Hope all this is of interest.

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Terry Loftus

February 28, 1996

Just popped in for a look around. Interesting! I've yet to meet another loftus though I have heard they do exist. My dad was an only child and his dad's brothers never had kids or moved far away over the years.

Speaking of Norway, I've been to Lofthus near Odda. Small but so is everything else around there. Also, while getting or trying to get lost in England we stumbled on Loftus, a small village near York on the coast near Robin Hoods Bay. However, no real 'loftus' sighting at either location! Really a shame since I'd brought the stun gun and ear tags/radio collars!

On the geneology bit, my great-grandfather Owen Loftus, came from Scotland around the 1880's. He settled in Scranton, Pa. My grandfather Martin Loftus was born in Scranton around the late 1880's or early 1890's. The whole bunch moved to Chicago shortly after.

Owen owned a saloon on Harrison but later converted it to a general store during prohibition. We still had some of the mugs used in the saloon around when I was a kid in the 50's. I know Owen had brothers that came over with him but have lost trace. I know that Martin had one brother Manas, he was killed in an accident.

Martin served in WWI and was a teamster afterwards. My dad, also named Martin, was born in 1915 in Chicago. He was an engineer, served with the Coast Guard, had a very odd sense of humor.

I've no brothers, two sisters both married. I'm married, no kids. I got drafted in '70. I'm now a systems analyst at Pima Count Community College District in Tucson, Arizona. Prior to this I worked as a med tech at Univ. Medical Center here in Tucson for 10 years.

(hey, don't forget the xmas card this year buddy!)

Forgot to mention that my dad always talked about a Sissy Loftus, she was a noted actress/singer? as being a relative. Hard to tell.

He also bought some bs bit about the Loftus family crest out of a magazine. Don't really trust such stuff since it seemed rather boilerplate copy.

Have you considered having an image page of various old lofti & who they are? I've got a couple of photos I could scan as gifs, you could then simply web-in and snatch them up.

Hey, good luck with your web pages for our family name quest. I know there's quite a few of us out there and I will be checking in often.

I've got some photos ready for you. The family photos are listed from the top page, I hope to add more over the next few months. A note on my pages, seems most people already consider me a few bricks short of a full load so please take no offense at my sense of humor! Also, I'm doing work with frames as well as some javascript so the folks out there will need a current version of Netscape to view my budding masterpieces. Also, we're going to England & Ireland in May. Hope to meet some other Loftuses while there. If any would like to chat about family names over a pint or two just have them drop me a line.

best of regards--terry

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Diane Loftus Mas

April 11, 1996


Since Loftuses seem to be few and far between I was thrilled to see this web site and will offer the limited family history I have to share. I am Diane Loftus Mas, daughter of Norman Stewart Loftus and Constance (Socha) Loftus of Belchertown, MA. I have a brother, Ronald Norman Loftus (married to Anne (Gallagher) Loftus), and a sister, Barbara Loftus Nelson (married to Dana Nelson). My grandfather, Francis P. Loftus (also known as "Pat" and "Frank") was born in Scranton, PA in 1898 and died in Belchertown, MA in 1980. He was one of 7 children and his siblings were Gerald (1892-1976), Mary (1891-1986), Martha (1890-1972), Michael (1887?-1890?), Anne (1885-1967), and Margaret (1883-1965).

My great grandparents on my grandfather's side were Frank Loftus (10/18/1854 - 8/12/1926) and Anne (Moran) Loftus (8/21/1856 - 5/14/1946). They were married on 11/10/1882. I beleive that they were married in Scranton and lived there the remainder of their lives. My great grandfther Frank was one of 7 children. His siblings were Nora, Bridget, Mary, Katherine, John, and Michael. Some or all of them may have been born in Scranton, PA. However, my great-great grandparents were both Loftuses (!) and were married in Brunswick, NJ. According to (very sketchy) family records, Michael Loftus and Anne (Loftus) Loftus were from Dublin, Ireland and were married in NJ before moving to Scranton.

I would welcome hearing from any of the Loftuses, especially those from the Scranton, PA area that might be connected to my great grandparents. Please feel free to email me at


Bob Coe
April 11, 1996

Howdy Duane (and Loftus clan):

Greetings from the Canadian west. I'm Bob Coe, 61, semi-retired career radio broadcaster, tv writer/producer/director/host; genealogist, etc. Paternal granny, Marion Josephine Loftus, born Oct 15, 1885 at Rinbrock, Mayo, Ireland and died at Whiterock, B.C., Canada, left little information about herself other than the above (except her death date/place).

A telegram found among her belongings lead to acquisition of a death certificate for Patric Loftus who died, age 73, at Snohomish County Hospital, Washington state, May 19, 1931. It identifies his birthplace as Swinford, County Mayo, Ireland, to Martin & Katherine (Murphy) Loftus.

I have extensive family history on my Coe (Ely, Cambridgeshire, England) and maternal Telemark, Norway ancestry but zilch, beyond what I've already stated on the Loftus clan. Ah, not quite true; I have an extensive Canadian descendancy from Marion Josephine (Loftus) Coe and additional background about Pat & Thomas Loftus in Seattle, circa 1900 and Marion J's marriage and life at Green Lake, Seattle 1903 and later. Add me to your lofty list of Loftus searchers and I'll look forward to their leading questions and learned responses.

Bob Coe

UPDATE: November 3, 1996

Just scanned your latest and certainly expanded website. It's grown a lot since I first scanned it last winter. Definitely has to be some Loftus bloodline directly connected to my grandmother Marion Josephine (Loftus) Coe born Nov 18, 1885 at Rinbrack, between Foxford and Swinford, Co. Mayo to Patrick and Mary (Clarke) Loftus. I'd like to compare notes with other Loftuses, especially those in/from California who may be descendants of Marion's two brothers and sister. Marion died at Whiterock, B.C., Canada, April 20, 1966. Her dad, Pat died May 19th, 1931 at Snohomish County Hospital, Monroe, Washington.
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Virginia Loftus Senders
February 29, 1996

Hi Duane. My ex-niece-in-law, Elizabeth Loftus (a marvellous woman!) forwarded your Loftus message to me. Unfortunately, my Mac Classic isn't enough to provide me access to the WWW, so I can't look at the Loftus site (I'll do it at the library sometime soon.) Meantime, however, I can offer my own family information:

I am Virginia Loftus Senders. My brother (dec.) was Russell Loftus. We were the children of Francis Xavier Loftus, who later changed his name to Frank Richardson Loftus. He had one sister, Eleanor, who became a Maryknoll nun and died sometime around 1980. He also had two brothers, Bob and Joe. Bob died a long time ago; Joe lives in NJ, and I could probably dredge up his address if I needed to. Joe is married and has children. He also knows more about the Loftus's than I do. My Loftus grandfather died before I was born; I'm not even sure of his name. He married Margaret O'Brien. The family lived in NYC, and my grandfather worked for the IRT -- in what capacity I don't know. My brother Russell had two sons, Geoffrey (whom you have already met thru the Psych Today article) and Jonathan, who lives in Brookline and works at DEC. Geoffrey has one (very young) son, Alexander Russell. I also have two sons (this family does not spawn females), but their last name is Senders, so they probably won't go into your registry. There! That empties my memory banks!

I used to think the family was of Irish origin, with earlier Norwegian antecedents (Loftus = loft hus = a house with a loft in Norwegian.) Later in his life, my father seemed to disclaim his Irishness, but that may have been under the influence of my mother. I have been told that there was a Catholic family branch (mine) and a Protestant branch (them!) And that really is all I know about Loftuses.

I'm a retired psychology professor, now functioning as an artist, community and political activist, student as always (through our local five-college Learning in Retirement program,) and generally live person. I'm also divorced.

UPDATE: February 1997

Hi, Virginia Loftus from Vermont again. Last time I wrote I only knew the names of people beyond my Grandfather. I don't have much more but here it is anyway. Howard Loftus, my great grandfather, was born in 1885 also in Scranton, PA. His father, William F. Loftus was born in Carbondale, PA, I do not know the year. He was married to Mary Ann Maher who was born in Brooklyn, NY. I am still trying to locate anybody farther back than William F. Loftus.
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Beth Smarr
March 6, 1996

Hi, Duane! Here is the information I got from the Mormon Church records. The 8th generation Elizabeth Woods married to Peter Wallace Sr -- these are my 7th great grandparents. Enjoy!

Descendants of Edward Loftus

1 Edward Loftus b: Abt 1500 in Of Swinerhead, Yorkshire, England d: 1541 in Swinehead, Yorkshire, England +Mrs. Edward Loftus b: Abt 1505 in Of Swinerhead, Yorkshire, England m: Abt 1530 in Of Swinerhead, Yorkshire, England

2 Robert Loftus b: Abt 1532 in Of Levinhead, Yorkshire, England +Mrs. Robert Loftus m: Abt 1565 in Of Monasteraven, Kildare, Ireland

2 Adam Loftus b: June 22, 1533 in Dublin, Ireland d: April 5, 1605 in St. Seputchre, Dublin, Ireland +Jane Purdon b: 1540 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland m: in Lurgan - Race, Louth, Ireland d: 1595 in Dublin, Ireland

3 Catherine or Ann Loftus b: Abt 1560 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland +Henry (Cowlie) Colley m: Abt 1587 *2nd Husband of Catherine or Ann Loftus: +George Blount [Captain] m: Abt 1596 in Dublin, Ireland *3rd Husband of Catherine or Ann Loftus: +Edward Blayney [B of Blayney]m: Bef June 13, 1605

3 Dudley [Sir Knight] Loftus b: 1561 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland d: April 6, 1616 in Dublin, Ireland +Anne Bagnall b: Abt 1563 in Newry, Down, Ireland

4 Adam Loftus b: 1590 in Rathfarnham, Ireland +Jane Vaughn b: Abt 1586 in Golden Grove, Kings, Ireland m: Abt 1605 in Ireland

5 Anne Loftus b: 1606 in Rathfarnham, Ireland +[1] Richard Parsons b: Abt 1602 in Birr Castle, Offaly, Ireland d: May 23, 1634 *2nd Husband of Anne Loftus: +Cain O'Hara 5 Letitia Loftus b: Abt 1608

5 Anne Letitia Loftus b: Abt 1610 in Rathfarnham, Ireland d: October 26, 1633 +[1] Richard Parsons b: Abt 1602 in Birr Castle, Offaly, Ireland m: Abt 1632 in Ireland d: May 23, 1634

6 Elizabeth Parsons b: November 15, 1656 in Ireland d: May 27, 1686 in County Meath, Ireland +Thomas Worsop b: 1630 in Dunshaughlin, Meath County, Ireland m: September 18, 1653 in London, London, England d: May 27, 1686

7 Elizabeth Worsop b: November 15, 1656 in Dublin, Ireland +John Woods b: 1654 in Ireland m: 1681 in Meath County, Ireland d: March 9, 1722/23 in Rosemead, Meath County, Ireland

8 Elizabeth Woods b: 1682 in Ireland d: 1745 in Virginia +Peter Wallace, Sr. b: 1680 in Scotland m: 1705 in Ireland d: 1723 in North of Ireland

8 Michael Woods b: 1684 in North of Ireland - Meath County, Ireland d: 1762 in Albemarle County, Virginia +Mary Campbell [Lady] b: 1690 in Argylshire, Scotland m: 1704 in Scotland d: 1742 in Albemarle, Virginia

8 William Woods b: 1686 in Blair Park, Ulster, Ireland +Martha Drake

8 James Woods b: 1688 in Blair Park, Ulster, Ireland

8 Andrew Woods b: 1690 in Blair Park, Ulster, Ireland d: August 1756 in Pennsylvania +Sarah

5 Adam Loftus b: Abt 1612 in Rathfarnham, Ireland

5 Elizabeth Loftus b: Abt 1615 in Rathfarnham, Ireland +Nicholas Ford *2nd Husband of Elizabeth Loftus: +John Muschamp

5 Arthur Loftus b: Abt 1616 in Rathfarnham, Ireland d: December 4, 1659 +Dorothy Boyle m: March 4, 1623/24 in Of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

5 Dudley Loftus b: 1619 in Rathfarnham, Ireland d: June 1, 1695 in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland +Frances Nangle m: Abt 1642 in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

5 Walter Loftus b: Abt 1620 in Rathfarnham, Ireland

5 Mary Loftus b: Abt 1622 in Rathfarnham, Ireland +John Gardiner *2nd Husband of Mary Loftus: +Thomas Boyd m: 1653 5 Robert Loftus b: Abt 1624 in Rathfarnham, Ireland +John (?) Muschamp

5 Grissel Loftus b: Abt 1628 in Rathfarnham, Ireland d: February 9, 1671/72

5 Francis Loftus b: Abt 1629 in Rathfarnham, Ireland d: December 1, 1629

5 George Loftus b: Abt 1631 in Rathfarnham, Ireland d: March 11, 1659/60

5 Jane Loftus b: Abt 1633 in Rathfarnham, Ireland +William Markham

5 Catharine Loftus b: Abt 1635 in Rathfarnham, Ireland +Arthur Bestique

5 Richard Loftus b: Abt 1637 in Rathfarnham, Ireland

5 Margaret Loftus b: Abt 1639 in Rathfarnham, Ireland +Walter Borrowes

5 Sarah Loftus b: Abt 1641 in Rathfarnham, Ireland +John Itchingham *2nd Husband of Sarah Loftus: +Thomas Dancer

4 Nicholas Loftus b: February 1, 1591/92 in Fethard, Wexford, Ireland d: September 1666 in Ireland +Margaret Chetham m: May 28, 1623 in Of Fethard, Wexford, Ireland

4 William Loftus b: Abt 1594 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland

4 Hartpole Loftus b: Abt 1594 in Ireland d: in Ireland

4 Dudley Loftus b: Abt 1596 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland

4 Edward Loftus b: Abt 1598 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland d: 1685 in Ballynebarney, Wicklow, Ireland +Anne Hartpole m: in Of Shurle, Queens, Ireland

4 Samuel Loftus b: Abt 1600 in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland +Mary Baganel m: in Of Dunleckny, Carlow, Ireland *2nd Wife of Dudley [Sir Knight] Loftus: +Anne Bagnall

3 Edward Loftus b: Abt 1563 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland d: May 10, 1601 in Kingsale, Ireland +Anne Duke m: Abt 1599 in Meath, Knt.

3 Thomas Loftus b: Abt 1563

3 Adam Loftus b: Abt 1565 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland d: May 29, 1599

3 Anne Loftus b: Abt 1567 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland +Henry Colley *2nd Husband of Anne Loftus: +George Blount *3rd Husband of Anne Loftus: +Edward Blainey

3 Isabella Loftus b: Abt 1569 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland d: November 13, 1597 +William Ussher

3 Thomas Loftus b: Abt 1571 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland d: December 1, 1635 +Eleanor or Ellin Hartpole

3 Henry Loftus b: Abt 1571 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland

3 Catherine Loftus b: Abt 1573 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland +Francis Berkeley *2nd Husband of Catherine Loftus: +Henry Berkeley

3 Martha Loftus b: Abt 1575 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland d: May 19, 1609 +Thomas Coleclough

3 Dorothy Loftus b: Abt 1577 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland d: July 8, 1633 +John Moore

3 Alice Loftus b: Abt 1579 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland d: November 15, 1608 +Henry Warren

3 Margaret Loftus b: Abt 1581 in Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland +George Colley

Beth Smarr

Writer & Teacher


"Any idiot can face a crisis, it's this day to day living that wears you out." Anton Chekov
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Richard Neary
March 8, 1996

Hello other Loftus kin. My GG Uncle, Jack Neary (cir 1830) married a Nancy (Ann) Loftus, b-1849. Only family info is that Jack was a blacksmith, and they ran a farm in Carracrum, (Prebbane), Bonniconlon, Ballina, Co. Mayo and had 5 children, Pat, 1871, Jack, 1875, Hugh, 1872, Luke, 1874, and Tony, 1875.
Would love to hear from others.

Richard Neary
Lynn, Ma

Email:, or

Randall G. Loftis

April 15, 1996

Hello "U" person,

"I" am a Loftis. Surely there is a connection. I have roots in the USA back to the mid 1700's.
Deny my family if you will but ...

HUSBAND: Lemuel Loftis born @1774 Where:
MArried: Where:
Died @1838/39 Where: Greenville Co. S, CAR
His Father: Job Loftis His Mother:

WIFE: Susannah Leech Born @1774 Where:
Died @1848 Where: KY
Her Father: John Leech

Children Born Where: Died Where:

Sarah Leech m.William Hargrove West
Prudence m.George Dill
Martha m.Thomas Green
Lottie Ann (Charolette) m.Samuel Crain
Achsah m.Ignatius Few
Madison D. m.1. Hester Smith

2. Mariah Poe
Spartan Lemuel @1810 near Spartanburg @1838/39
m.Greenville Co., S. CAR; 1810 Census - Spartanburg
Sarah @1819/20
Pleasant A.(Andrew) 1814 Greenvelle Co., SC 1888 Lamar Co, AL
m.Eliza Russel

1800 Census - Greenville Co., S. CAR; 1810 Census - Spartanburg
Co., S. CAR
Will Book B. Pg 161; Apt 5 - File # 277 Vol I Bk B, Pg 228
Greenville Co., S. CAR

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