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Lynn Loftus
Hi Tom,

I hope I'm doing this right. My husband is James Aloysius Loftus, his father was James also, both born in Akron, Ohio. His grandfather was John Thomas Loftus, born in Steubenville, Ohio and his great grandfather was James Loftus, born in County Clare, Ireland. James came to the US at the age of 10 in 1851 with his mother Catherine Garry Loftus. Her children were Mary (Michael Clairy) Johanna (Michael Roach) Margaret (Michael Scanlon) Simon (Margaret Bolander) Bridget (William Brew) and James Loftus. James married Catherine Carmody who died the following year and there were no children. He married Bridget Flannigan in 1864. They had five children John Thomas Loftus (Catherine Forster), my husbands grandparents. We are planning a trip to Ireland in May 2004 and would love to hear from anyone who might have information about these people.

Thank you,
Lynn Loftus
Alison Loftus
My name is Alison Loftus and I have married Wayne Loftus whose father was called Edward Loftus. We live in Prestwich, Manchester. Edward married Elizabeth Loftus. Unfortunately Edward has since passed away. Wayne is one of four children by Edward Loftus. He has 2 brothers, Mark and Glen and a sister called Marie.

The family gets bigger as me and Wayne have three children, Alex, Lucy and Jack Loftus. Mark has 2 children, Sarah and Christopher Loftus. Marie has 2 children, Andrew and Gary (not Loftus).
Descendants of Alfred Kennett Loftus
I was fascinated by your site. I wonder if you might see a connection to the data I have on my Loftus Family Tree.

Sharon Davidson
Ted Loftus
I'm Edward (Teddy) Brendan Loftus. Son of Joseph Michael Loftus Sr. Brother of Joseph Michael Loftus Jr., Doreen Marie Loftus and Colleen Terese Loftus. Father of Jessica Danielle Loftus, Richard Indiana Loftus, Samantha Marie Loftus and Jaclyn Faith Loftus. Grandson of Thomas Brendan Loftus. Nephew of Tucker Loftus, Gerard Loftus, Helen Loftus, Michael Loftus, William Loftus and Daniel Loftus. Uncle to Joseph Michael Loftus III, Regina Joan Loftus, Patrick Loftus, Alana Rose Loftus and Adain Loftus (all listed are from paternal side). Although scattered a little bit now, Pop, my father and everyone else started out in Brooklyn, New York.

Ted Loftus
Thomas Loftus
I am searching for siblings or parents for Thomas

Descendants of Thomas Loftus

Generation No. 1

1. Thomas Loftus was born March 1824, and died February 05, 1910 in Scott Co., MN. He married Ann Cuff 1855. She was born 1828 in County Sligo, Ireland, and died December 28, 1895.

More About Thomas Loftus:
Burial: St. John the Baptist, Savage, Minnesota
Immigration: 1849, Census 1900 states he was NA

More About Ann Cuff:
Burial: St. John the Baptist, L 205, Savage, Minnesota
Immigration: 1851

Children of Thomas Loftus and Ann Cuff are:
2. i. THOMAS J. LOFTUS, b. February 1864, Savage, MN; d. May 19, 1922.
3. ii. JOHN P. LOFTUS, b. June 1860; d. December 09, 1953, Scott Co., MN.
iii. MATTHEW LOFTUS, b. 1858.

Generation No. 2

2. Thomas J. Loftus (Thomas1) was born February 1864 in Savage, MN, and died May 19, 1922. He married Margaret M. Brennan, daughter of Michael Brennan and Mary Robinson. She was born December 01, 1870 in County Cork, Ireland, and died February 23, 1956 in St. Francis Regional Medical Center, Shakopee, Scott Co., MN6.

More About Thomas J. Loftus:
Burial: St. John the Baptist, Savage, Minnesota

More About Margaret M. Brennan:
Burial: February 25, 1956, St. John the Baptist, Savage, Minnesota
Cause of Death: cerebrovascular accident, due to Hypertension due to arteriosclerosis generalize
Immigration: 1895, U. S. Census 1900

Children of Thomas Loftus and Margaret Brennan are:
i. THOMAS PATRICK LOFTUS, b. March 11, 1901; d. December 29, 1942, Scott Co., MN; m. EMILY C. MUELKEN, October 1938; b. March 14, 1907, MN; d. February 24, 1990, Mala Strana Nursing Home, New Prague, Scott Co., MN.

Burial: St. John the Baptist, Savage, Minnesota

Burial: St. Michael's Cem, Prior Lake, Scott Co., MN
Cause of Death: Congestive Heart Failure
Residence: 4251 Colorado St., Prior Lake, MN 55372

ii. MARY G. LOFTUS, b. 1903.
4. iii. AGNES THERESA LOFTUS, b. February 28, 1904, MN; d. August 16, 1995, Scott Co., MN.
5. iv. MATTHEW J. LOFTUS, b. July 08, 1905, Glendale Township, Scott County, Minnesota; d. September 28, 1998, Shakopee, Scott Co., Minnesota.
v. BERNARD J. LOFTUS, b. June 20, 1909, Savage, Minnesota; d. April 17, 1990, St. Francis Regional Medical Center, Shakopee, Scott Co., MN9,10.

Burial: St. John the Baptist Cemetery, Savage, MN

6. vi. MICHAEL T. LOFTUS, b. November 28, 1910, Savage, MN; d. October 09, 1978, Shakopee Hosp, Shakopee, MN.
vii. BABY CHILD LOFTUS, b. 1912; d. 1912.

3. John P.2 Loftus (Thomas1)11,12 was born June 1860, and died December 09, 1953 in Scott Co., MN13. He married Bridget M. Kneafsey14 Abt. 1891, daughter of Patrick Kneafsey. She was born 1867, and died September 20, 1945 in Ramsey Co., MN15.

Notes for John P. Loftus:
Minnesota, Scott County, Roll 788 Book 2, Page 139 states married 9 years, 2 children

More About John P. Loftus:
Burial: St. John the Baptist, Savage, Minnesota

More About Bridget M. Kneafsey:
Burial: St. John the Baptist, Savage, Minnesota

Children of John Loftus and Bridget Kneafsey are:
7. i. ANNE H.3 LOFTUS, b. September 11, 1897; d. January 17, 1957.
ii. ELIZABETH LOFTUS, b. July 1893.

Any of this sound familiar or can add to, would love to hear from you, other family surnames, McNearney, Welsh, Walsh, Powers, Slattery/Slater, general locations, Limerick, Cork, Tipperary, Calway, Sligo, Ennis and Mayo Counties.

You can contact me at
Bill Slater

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Diane Isobel Loftus (Broughton)
Andrew Loftus married Helen Delaney in the 1920s in Scotland

They had several children, the second eldest of whom was my father, John McGrain Loftus born in Edinburgh on 9 November 1926

On June 30 1956 in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh Scotland he married Isobel Dick Findlay (born 16 October 1932). Both still alive and well as at 3 November 2003 and living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

On 18 May 1957 in Edinburgh they were delivered of a bouncing baby daughter (me)
They named me Diane Isobel Loftus.

On 22 April 1959 in Edinburgh they were delivered of a second bouncing baby daughter. They named her Yvonne Elizabeth Loftus.

On 21 October 1961 they were delivered of a bouncing baby boy. He was named Stuart John Loftus.

On 7 July 1984 Yvonne Elizabeth Loftus married Dennis Coleman (born 13 December 1953.) at South Leith Parish Church, Edinburgh. They have two daughters, Nicola Louise Coleman (born 12 August 1986) and Jenifer Carolyn Coleman (born 15 December 1988) both in Edinburgh, Scotland where the family still live

On 11 March 1985 Stuart John Loftus married Pamela Janet Sneddon in Fareham in England.

They have two sons, Neil Stuart Loftus born in England on 9 March 1994 and Scott James Loftus born in England on 23 October 1995. They now live in Worcester, England. Stuart has recently retired from the Army after twenty two years as an electronics engineer.

On 24 May 1986 Diane Isobel Loftus married Alistair Scott Thomas (born 6 November 1962) at St Michael’s Parish Church, Slateford Road, Edinburgh. They were separated seven years later and then divorced.

On 2 November 1999 Diane Isobel Thomas (nee Loftus) married Stephen Broughton (born 14 November 1963) in Bally’s Hotel Chapel, Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada. They presently live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I hope that this is a useful addition to the Loftus web. I have countless cousins in Scotland and three somewhere in Canada (their mother was Cecilia Loftus, one of my father’s many sisters).

Mary Loftus, Crossmolina Co Mayo
Thadeus Clarke married Mary Loftus. (Year approx. 1863 but not sure) They lived in the Townland of Letterbrick, Crossmolina County Mayo. They were farmers.

They had a son, Thadeus and others. A daughter Honor (born March 28 1867) and others, a total of 8 children.

Honor married Owen Clarke of Ballina (not related) and had eight children - (2 died young) Mary, James, Owen, Bridget, Martin, and Margaret (my mother).

Margaret married Denis Ryan of Kilcommon Tipperary, and had 2 sons Peter and Terence, and a daughter Margaret Mary (ME).

Maggie Ryan
Lofthus or Loftus of Norway
01 /09/03
I have a bit of information that goes back to about 1760 when Knut Hellekson Lofthus married Joran Stensdatter, they hade a son, Nils Olson Landsverk Lofthus who married Viel Knutdatter in 1800.

Their son Hellick Nilson Lofthus was born on this farm in about 1805. There son Hellick Nilson Lofthus, Jr married Bergette Nilsdatter in 1850.

The son of this marriage was Niels Nilson Lofthus, born July 28, 1852 at Kjarre Mumedal, Norway. As a small boy, he and his parents and sisters migrated to Wisconsin, USA. As a young man there he married the daughter of Claus Henderson( Margarethe) who was born in Lake Mills, Iowa on Nov. 25, 1860

Margarethe was my great grandmother, and a few years after her and Niels were married, they moved in a wagon to Minnesota, where they homesteaded near Winger, just south of Fosston. There, my Great grandfather Niels Nilson Lofthus saw the need for a creamery so he opened one in Winger, he died in 1909 at the age of 57.

They had 10 children, and now they dropped the H out of Lofthus. The children were Helmer, Bernhardt (Ben), Martin and twin sister Nellie, Tina, Albert, Nellie, Mabel, George and Edwin
. Martin's ( my grandfather), twin sister Nellie died of burns at 3 years old, so their next daughter was named Nellie.

In 1906 my grandpa Martin and his brother Helmer went to Saskatchewan to file for homesteads in Brockington which is north of Melfort about 18 miles.

Two years later Helmer froze to death while hunting Moose in the wilds of northern Saskatchewan so Martin wrote for brother Ben to come and join him.

In 1911 Margarethe with the rest of the Family moved by covered wagon to the homestead in Brockington, which is in the Carrot River Valley, very good farm land.

This strong Matriarch lived until March 17, 1921. She is buried at the Carrot River Valley Lutheran Church on the family plot, she lived to be 60 years old. Margarethe Lofthus”s headstone was the last of the (H”s) From now on it is Loftus only.

My father was Mervin Ingolf Loftus, and mom Evelyn Alice Brody.

Please advise if you have knowledge of this family.

Thank you.
Gary Loftus(, Calgary, Alberta

Tina Loftus (Lofthus) we have never heard from, I believe she stayed behind when my great grandmother, with the rest of the family, moved to the Melfort, Saskatchewan area.

She would have been born about 1888, in Winger, Minnesota, and the only info I have is she married William Farmer of St Paul.

Mn and they had one son only??? he being Lawrence, so the offspring of Lawrence and etc I would like to contact.

Info on them would be great.
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Lynn Loftus, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Update - July 6th 2006

Hi Tom. It has been a long time since I sent any information about our branch of
the family here in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
I am Lynn Loftus, married to Brian MacPherson and I am not sure where I left off
with births, but the grandkids keep coming!. We had a new addition September 24,
2005--one Declan Michael Redmond, son of Michael Redmond and my daughter Bryn. Then
on February 16, 2006, little Miss Emmeline Ghislaine Stanley was born to Michael
Stanley and my eldest daughter, Michelle. I am not sure if Guy Loftus is still
adding to his tree, but if he is, could you please forward the information for me.
thanks and cheers from Lynn


Hi there.

My name is Lynn Loftus and I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada. We just had a family reunion last weekend and it was evident that my generation is interested in finding out more about our ancestory. We have a family tree that dates back to the early 1700s, with family moving hither and yon in England. My great grandfather emigrated to Canada circa 1885. My great-great grandfather was William Kennett Loftus, who is noted for being an archeologist who discovered the brithplace of Abraham in the Persia in the early 1800s. Anyone interested in knowing more about this branch of the family is welcome to contact me at (By the way, I note a couple of artists in the listing on this site. I have a daughter who is a noted artist in this area. Her name is Michelle Ridgway.)


Michael Loftus b. 1840 in County Mayo
I am Thomas Joseph Loftus (Tom). My ggf was Michael Loftus b. 1840 in County Mayo, m. Bridget Hughes 1867 in Castlebar, Mayo; first child Mary Ellen was born March 1868 in Castlebar. Her birth certificate states her father had already left for US, New York.

Michael had served 1858-1862 enlistment Royal Engineers, 10th Company in China. He was tax collector for British Government in Shanghai 1862-c.1865, then returned home. He emigrated c. 1868, his wife and child followed (possibly) with his brother Thomas 1868-1870.

Thomas married Catherine Golden in New York and their son Thomas Joseph Loftus was born in New York. Michael, Bridget show up in East St. Louis, IL. in 1880 census. My grandfather Thomas Joseph Loftus was born in 1874 in East St. Louis.

I am named after him. This Loftus Family (Michael and Thomas branches) ended up in or near St. Louis, and the brothers are buried in Calvary Cemetery there.

I have been told by South Mayo Family Centre that the brothers are sons of Anthony Loftus and Maria McNamara.

I am interested in establishing /verifying this link to County Mayo. My ggf thought enough of his ancestry to have his t/s inscription state "Born in County Mayo."

I am interested in making Loftus/Hughes connections. Michael and Bridget were both born c. 1840.
Daniel Loftus
I am a descendant of Daniel Loftus, who immigrated from Ireland with his wife Ann Monihan and at least 5 children in 1847 to work on the B&O Railroad. I have not found him in 1850 yet, but his records from 1860 through 1880 were in Fairmont, Marion County, WV. His eldest daughter Catherine (my great great grandmother), married Kieran Kenney (nee McKinney) in 1855 in Fairmont. Daniel's daughter Ella married Lawrence Horan. His daughter Margaret married John Flanagan. Daughter Annie never married. Son Anthony died at age 22 from TB (consumption) while working on the RR. Catherine was old enough to be working on her own when they immigrated, so it is possible that there were other children that I am not aware of. Catherine was never in the census records with her parents. Do you know of anyone who is searching for Loftus descendants from Fairmont, WV? I am also looking for anyone from the Flanagan and Horan families in that area.

Miggie Olsson
Thomas Joseph Loftus
Hi, Tom.

I was just talking to some friends of mine in England and they told me that they ran into some Loftus' in Co. Mayo Ireland and so I thought I would get on the net and see if I could find some ancestry and I came across your site.

My name is Thomas Joseph Loftus and I was born in Waterloo Iowa. There are a lot of Loftus' in that area but they all originally came down from the Rochester Minnesota area.

My grandparents were Alaoucious "Thomas" Loftus (Died in 1991) and Eunice Loftus (living in Waterloo) and they had the following Children

Ed Loftus
Mike Loftus Deceased
Kay Loftus (Knebel)
Patricia Loftus (Philips) Deceased
Kenny Loftus
Larry Loftus (My Dad)
Terry Loftus
Nancy Loftus (Jungen)

All of which still live in the Waterloo area and most of their extended families also live in that area. I live in Anamosa Iowa now. I served four years in the USAF in England from 1984 to 1988 were I met my wife Theresa who is English, so it is interesting for me to see the heritage behind the Loftus name. I know that there is a small town in northern England called Loftus too.

I will get some more information on my grandfathers brothers and one sister and add it to the list. He had 11 brothers and 1 sister.
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Barry Loftus
Hello tom!

i was taking a break from my college studies,really just chancing my arm on google by typing in loftus too see what happened!little did i know that i would come accross a well organised wealth of information!

Firstly i must congradulate you on the site,i cant get over the amount of loftus's there are,and who all seem to have originated from where i was born and bread.i think our family is linked to a ''sean mor loftus'' he was supposed to be the first loftus to come to the area of crossmolina.

My grandad made an audio tape before he died explaining where the family originated,and i have a booklet at home from lofthus in norway where we are all supposed to have originated from.

You might find the websites of and very
interesting, thats if you have not come accross them already.

Well done again, and feel free to e mail me

Barry Loftus.
Carol Lee Loftus Miller

I am a Loftus from Scranton, Pennsylvania. My older sister, Lindajo has registered. In addition to her previous listing there is one more Loftus in our family, my father, William George Loftus's sister, Jean Loftus Goginsky. Jean and husband Tom currently reside in Madison, New Jersey.

My name is Carol Lee Loftus Miller, I was born in Scranton in 1960.

Anyone who is a Loftus from Scranton please email, as I have questions.

Carol Lee Loftus Miller
Joseph Francis Loftus
Hi I am Joseph Francis Loftus age 33. My dad is David Loftus. He has 2 brothers, Mike and Edward Loftus. I will inform my dad to get with u guys and figure this out. We have been told we were from county mayo and or Dutch. I am named after my great grandfather Joseph James Loftus who I believe went through Ellis Island NY. Joseph James had three children, Edward (my grandfather), John and a sister. Neat web site. I hope to put together more info
Karen Marie Loftus
My name is Karen Marie Loftus. My father was William David Loftus II, His father William David Loftus I, and my brother is William David Loftus lll. I would like to know more info as to if I am part of your family. I dont know much but I do know that we are Irish and in your web site it said that your family originated in Ireland. Please respond and tell me if you have any information as to if we are from the same Loftus family.



Karen M. Loftus
Margaret Loftus, 3rd Daughter of Henry Loftus
Hi there

I have been putting my family tree up on Genes connected and was trying to find dates of birth on the web when I found your site!

My great great great great Grandfather Sir Robert Wigram Bt. Great Grandmother was Margaret Loftus 3rd Daughter of Henry Loftus. Father of 1st Viscount Loftus.

Margaret married Hygatt Boyd M.P. , of Rosslare Co. Wexford.

Further down the family tree we married back in to the Tottenhams!

I still have a paper weight made from Grape Shot and Gun carriage captured by C.G. Tottenham that he captured at Sevastapol.

I have various other bits of information on both families, if it is of interest.

I will have to put more accurate dates on the tree with the help of your great site when time allows!

Best regards

Christopher de Vere
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Paul Lang Loftus (Update)
Hi Tom,

My grandfather is Harry A. LOFTUS, born 1869 in Wednesfield, Staffordshire, England. He married Emily Eliza ATKINS in Heath Town in 1891 and then moved to Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Emily died in 1938 while visiting Sydney, Australia. Harry's parents are Michael & Joanna (?) LOFTUS of Wolverhampton. I would like to make contact with Staffordshire LOFTUS's.

Paul Lang Loftus
AmEmbassy Montevideo
Granddaughter of Patrick Loftus
See the entry from Paul Loftus. I am the granddaughter of Patrick Loftus from Swinford, Ireland, and Teresa Thayne from Pennsylvania. They had two sons, Edward Thayne and Patrick, and four daughters, Mae, Isabel, Tress, and Helen (my mother). Tress aka Teresa Griffin is their only surviving child at 96 years of age, and she now lives in Mattawan, Michigan, near her son Bob Griffin and his wife and son. Isabel had two daughters, Barbara and Joan, and Mae four children, Richard, Jack, Ed, and Claire, all of whom have children and some grandchildren. Edward Thayne Loftus and Patrick Loftus never had any children. Oddly enough, Isabel Loftus married John Loftus, no relation, so her name never changed.

My mother was Helen Patricia Loftus. She married my father, George Fanning in 1935 and had three children, James, Judith, and me, Kathleen Fanning. We all grew up in Bloomfield, New Jersey. James now lives in Cleveland and Judith and I live in Berryville, Virginia. I am the only one of the three who married, and I had two children, Elizabeth and Victoria McDaniel. Elizabeth is now Elizabeth Campbell and she has four children, Ethan, Julia, Luke, and Annaleah, just born three months ago.
Galadriel Loftus
Galadriel Loftus resides in Ben lomond, Ca. with her children Keith Dean Loftus-Funk and Kathryn Rene Loftus-Funk. Her parents are John Joseph Loftus and Georgia Loftus. Maybe this will be good info for the registry, we would love to see it grow!

Dave H. Funk (Galadriel's husband)
Albert Loftus
My name is Camille Bailey and my grandmother was a Loftus. Her father was Albert Loftus born 07/09/1893 in Liverpool, England. He had two elder sisters Edith 1886 and Gertrude 1889 both born in Liverpool, England. He had a younger sister Annie 1896 and a younger brother whom i have no info on. My great grandfathers parents were James and Annie Loftus [nee Tynon]. Both were born in Liverpool, England. James had a sister Mary born 1851, but after that i can find no more info on their parents. James was born 1860 in Liverpool. Annie was born in Liverpool 1868, her mother was Mary born in 1837 in Ireland, but on 1881 census her father had already passed away.
My great grandfather Albert married Alice Critchley 05/08/1917 in Liverpool and had 7 children.
Albert jnr
Ronald 09/03/1921.He died 07/19/1944 in Belgium while serving with 9th Battalion The Cameronians[scottish rifles].
Veronica 09/04/1923
Kenneth 1924
My nana Sheila Catherine 08/02/1927
Milldred 1930
Bernard 1933
I was wondering whether anyone had a connection to my Loftus family and be able to help me to continue my research.

Camille Bailey
Sarah Loftus
Hi i am a 17 year old student and i am very interested in my family history.

This is just a little bit of information passed down through our family, i hope it will help you and if you have any information please pass it on to me. My ancestor travelled over to England from Ireland during the potato fammine, jumped off the boat in Garston Docks in Liverpool and settled in the first street he got to. I dont know who he married but I know his son (my grandfather) married a Winifred Larkin. Apparently our family had a big estate in Ireland but my ancestor passed it on to his cousin instead of through the family. I dont know how much of this is true.

If you find any information on this please contact me and I will you as soon as i find any. Thank you

Ps, i have just been on the internet and translated the writing on the crest. ' loyal au mort' is french for 'loyal to the death' and 'prend moi tel que je suis' is also french for 'take me such as i am'.
Frank Loftus from Youngstown Ohio
My father's father was Frank Loftus from Youngstown Ohio. My father was adopted out at 1 year old. He was born in 1919, making Frank Loftus born probably around or just before the turn of the century. Do you know of any Loftus from there. I know nothing about the Loftus family.

Jim Wilmot
Mary Louise Loftus
I have recently begun to try to trace my heritage, with very little information. I found your page and decided the little Loftus information I have.

I am the granddaughter of Mary Louise Loftus, her father was James Loftus. My grandmother has 4 surviving sisters and a brother. They all reside in Williamsport PA. They are Irene Loftus (Shrimp) Lois , Genevieve and Jimmy Loftus. Sister Margaret Loftus as of last date is located in a convent in DE.

I know nothing about my granmother's parents, she is deceased and rarely spoke of them. I know very little about her immediate family.

I don't know if this helps or if you've come across and information that would help me but I wanted to write.

Kami Young
Jean Loftus
My husband's name is Joseph Thomas Loftus. His father was Joseph Patrick Loftus, and his grandfather was Patrick Joseph Loftus. Patrick Joseph Loftus came over to PA from Ireland. My husband thinks he came from Dublin. Patrick Joseph Loftus was married to a woman named Mary Cannon. I know little else about the family at that early time.

My knowledge of his family is mainly of my husband's father's family. My husband's grandfather had Joseph Patrick, Eleanor, Veronica, Charles, and James. I am not sure, I may have forgotten someone.

No, of course all these children had children. I'm sorry, but I can't provide all their names because I don't know them. Of the few I do know, Charles's children were Eugene, Mary Beth, and young Charles. Veronica had children, but I know only the one, Joseph Gallagher who is married to Joan (?). James had children, but I only recall that one was named Bernadette.

My husband's siblings include Mary Teresa, then my husband Joseph Thomas, then Thomas James, then Francis.

Mary Teresa Loftus (deceased) had one daughter, Sandra Michelle who lives in KY.

Joe and I have four children, Joseph Thomas, Jr., Cynthia Jean Loftus, Susan Elise Loftus, and Patricia Loftus. We have ten grandchildren and one great grandchild. We live in Maryland.

Thomas James Loftus had three children, Thomas, David, and Karen. They all have children.

Francis Loftus had three children, Timothy, Christine Marie, and Pamela. They all have children.

My husband just came home and told me that the uncle (his father's brother) I missed was Frank (Francis) Loftus. Uncle Frank sent to school to be a priest, but changed his mind, later married a woman by the name of Hope (last name?) from the Northeast. They had one son, Michael. Michael is married and has children.

Jean Loftus

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