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  Priscilla Loftus  UK

I have just found your website and have been browsing and find that
there are a lot of Loftus's in both Ireland and the USA. I am not
aware if we are related to any of these people as I have found my
ancestors to come from Yorkshire.

In the 1930's my Great Uncle Col. Ernest Achey Loftus researched our
family tree. The first ancestor was Robert Lofthouse of
Northallerton born in 1741, of whom nothing is known. Next, is
Michael born 1744, had issue, Michael born 1784, again of whom
nothing is known. Next, is Thomas of Northallerton, Plumber and
Glazier, married Bridget Russell 1772 in name of Loftus. They had 4

1) Samuel -1773 - 1775

2) Ann - 1777- a twin with

3) Samuel b&d 1777

4) William - 1775-1849 married Jane Green daughter of John Green,
Merchant and Shipowner of Hull. He had issue

1) John Green of Hull 1803-1836 - married Mary Johnson 1827. John
was a ships mate and was accidently drowned off Spurn Head. He was
my Great Great Grandfather. John had 4 children. John, Charles,
Eleanor and William.

Capt. William Loftus was my Great Grandfather. He was born in Hull
1832-1896. He married Minna Stamp a farmers daughter of Barrow on
Humber. William had 4 children.

1) Walter Edger

2) Walter Reginald

3) Minna Edith

4) Frank Seymour (my grandfather)

Frank Seymour had 7 children

1) Minna

2) Joseph

3) Winefred Alexandra

4) Frank Seymour

5) Violet Victoria

6) Herbert Kenneth

7) Marjory May


Capt. William Loftus circa 1778


I was looking at your site and saw the inquiry about a miniature of Capt. William Loftus circa 1778. I can't help on this but Capt. William Loftus (1832-96) was my great great grandfather. He was a sea captain and subsequently the proprietor of the Minerva Hotel, Hull. I have several photos which I think may be of him. He was the captain of the Trevelyan on which my great grandmother (Minna) was born in San Francisco Bay in 1874. I was 25 when she died and so knew her well - also her half brother, Ernest Achey Loftus (1884 - 1987) who you will find in the Guiness Book of Records.

The Loftus name ended with Minna in our branch of the family (she married Sam Booth, her cousin) but I attach a family tree which may be of interest for you.

If you have any photos of Capt Loftus, I would be very pleased to see them in the hope of verifying the photos I have.

Regards Richard Dent

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Link to Family Tree

ps - although this is a Yorkshire branch of the Loftus clan, I have been in Glasgow for nearly 50 years.

pps - this branch may be upstarts - as you see, the first two generations are LoftHOUSEs.

Harry (Henry) T. Loftus


I’m a descendant of Harry (could be Henry) T. Loftus (Great Grandfather) who was born in 1869 in the Canada/NY region. His parents were James Loftus (born in England in 1835) and Mary O’Hara (born in Canada in 1844). Harry was killed in action in WW1 in 1918 in France when my grandfather was a child. His wife ( Rose E. “Nellie” Burdeno; DOB 1874 in Detroit, MI) remarried and my grandfather took his adoptive father’s name of Mason. Hope that helps. I’m curious to know if there is anyone in your web that knows of Loftus relatives that can take me a little further with my Loftus family roots. Attached is some information that my uncle found that may assist you including a Loftus Family Crest. 

Chris Mason  

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James Thomas Loftus


My name is Susan Sincoff and I am performing family research on my grandmother's father James Thomas Loftus. I saw your website and I'm hoping to see if your site can further assist me in my research. I have learned that my great-grandfather was born in Ireland (abt 1855) and that his parents were Laurence P. Loftus and Bridget Murray. I see a birth record on your site (contributed by a Peter Loftus) of a Thomas Loftus with the same parents. I am trying to uncover if this is the same family. I know of two other siblings that emigrated to the United States and I'm hoping to find a census or something which shows the parents and their children to validate this possibility. How can I post this information to the Loftus Website for assistance on this research? 

Thank you in advance for your help on my quest! 

Susan Sincoff 

Connecticut, USA

Michael Loftis


I would lke to register with the Loftisweb site. I have the family history all the way back to two generations in Dublin from the late 1600's. I am a member of and have done the DNA Test. Research has taken my family back to Solomon Job Loftis in Dublin in 1660, but I am at a stand still. I love the family history and would like to learn more of my Irish/English/Danish roots. I seem to have Loftis/Loftus family history and some out of Canda to Chicago area. I would like to register with the site and have 300+ yrars of Loftis family history from the US. Sincerely; Michael Loftis HMCS(SS) USN Ret 14706 U Plaza Omaha, NE 68247 Respond Here

Jim Loftus - Philadelphia


I am looking for relatives of Jim Loftus Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (originally from Ballinlouogh, Co Roscommon) who was married to Eileen Taaffe born 1906. I think Eileen was from Kildare. I believe they went to the US in 1930. I am a niece of Jim's. My mother's name was MaryEllen Loftus and was married to Joseph King from Connemara. Any contact would be very much appreciated. 

Joan Timoney (nee King)
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Craig Loftus - NJ / USA


Good day, My name is Craig William Loftus born 1969. I do not have much info Other than names of my Father, William Herbert Loftus and my Grandfather Herbert Loftus .All born in the state of NJ. I would love to find more information about my Irish heritage.

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David Thomas - ID / USA


Hello, I just returned from Ireland where I visited Rathfarnham while on a business trip with Harley-Davidson. According to my records Adam Loftus 1533-1605 is my 13th great gg. The ladies at the castle said you may be able to help me. Here is what I have so far: Adam Loftus 1533-1605/Dudley Loftus 1561-1616/Anne Lettita Loftus 1606-1633/Elizabeth Parsons 1632-1686/Elizabeth Worsop 1656-1741/Elizabeth Woods 1682-1745/ is when the family came to America. My concern is the Parsons to Worsop line? I didn’t get a chance to visit Birr and the Birr Castle (Parsons) although they told me that one of the Parsons had been there several hours before I arrived. Any help you can render would be appreciated. 

Best Regards, 

David Thomas 

Boise Idaho USA

Philippa Loftus - UK


My grandfather is Patrick Loftus born 23 Sept 1930/1, moved to England very young from Glasgow. Has a brother Terry Loftus who has now sadly passed a few years back now. Patrick married a Mary Blackford had Four children Maria, Anne, Terry and my father Stewart Loftus. I'm sure my family originated from Ireland before migrating to Scotland. I would like to know if somewhere along the line this history i see on your page are any relation to the Loftus family here in England.
Yours Faithfully
Philippa Loftus

Katherine Loftus - Seattle / USA


I was wondering if you had any information on a Katherine Loftus who died May 1, 1800 at the age of 14 and is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Seattle, Washington. This is the only information on her gravestone and there are no family members buried close by or any other Loftus graves in the cemetery. Thank you for any information you can provide. 

Allison Shugerman

Archbishop Adam Loftus


hi there, I have been reading through the loftus web page. I live in NewZealand and have alot of family here. We have tracked our family tree back to the Archbishop Adam Loftus who is my 11th G Grandfather. Do you know anyone else connected to him? 

Nerissa Mikaera

Randall G. Loftis - USA


My name is Howard D. Loftis of south-east central Illinois, USA.  I noticed a post on the “Loftus Web, Loftus Registry’ posted by a Randall G. Loftis…granted, his post was made in 1996..but I just became aware of this website this week.

I would very much like to contact this Randall G. Lofis; as his ancestor Lemuel Loftis as stated by Randall, is a brother of my GGGG Grandfather Laban Loftis. We have a great deal of information concerning this line of Job and Elvira Goodlett Loftis in the USA; their son’s Laban, Solomon and Martin…nothing on Randall’s ancestor Lemuel other than a name, date and who he married. Actually, just this past week we feel that we have identified the first identified daughter of Job and Elvira Goodlett Loftis…..Cynthia Loftis Wadkins and at this point in time, her limited line of descendants. Family history states we originate from Ireland. Still we have to identify the parents of Job and Elvira, whether on the US side or Ireland. Is there any chance that you still have any contact information for this Randall G. Loftis that could be shared? 

Thanks you for your time and consideration. 

Howard D. Loftis

Mary Loftus


A Mary Loftus (dob abt. 1802) married Walter Stanton (dob abt. 1802) in Ireland. ??? info derived from a marriage of my Great Grandparents Julia Stanton & Owen Murphy dated April 1853, from the General Register Office in England. I could only derive the actual name of my GG-Grandfather Stanton from the marriage certificate. Through family stories I wrote down the name of Mary Loftus for my GG-Grandmother. I noticed searching that there about one zillion Mary Loftus's. We just guessed at Mary and Walter's b'days. Which I think most genealogists do today going back that far. If there are any genealogists searching such parents could you please put me in your data base. My name being Ruth Rooney. Thanks for any help! The two Grandparents said they were from Ireland, Julia & Owen.


Mary Loftus



I found your awesome site recently as a result of reading “The Invention of Memory: An Irish Family Scrapbook (1560-1934)”.

My research has identified Mary Loftus as my 9th great grandmother, married to Charles Cosby of Stradbally Hall, Ireland. I have found numerous Cosby and peerage claims, as well as the one shown below from the Millennium File, that Mary is the daughter of Archbishop Adam Loftus, Archbishop of Dublin (St Patrick’s Cathedral, Church of Ireland). I have not been able to find any records on Adam Loftus that indicate that any of his 20 children were named Mary and Simon Loftus makes no mention of her in the book referenced above. I have even visited Marsh Library at St Patrick’s Cathedral to have them research this and they also found no linkage.

Does anyone have any definitive record of Mary’s parentage?


Sam Allgood 



Peter Loftus



Born Loughrea, Country Galway, Ireland in 1843

PETER LOFTUS was born in Loughrea, Country Galway, Ireland in 1843 and his Mother's maiden name was believed to be JOYCE. Peter had an older brother called FRANCIS who joined the East India Company Forces. Another brother (name unknown) is supposed to have emigrated to Seattle, USA and there were other children in the family. When Peter was about 3 years old the Loftus family were among the tenants evicted by the Earl of Clanricarde, who turned his estate into a hunting preserve. Their cottage was torn down and the family moved to Wigan, Lancashire, England. Peter later enlisted into the 57th Middlesex Regiment of the British Army, and he served garrison duty in Ireland before being sent to fight in the India Mutiny and then in 1861 arrived to Auckland, New Zealand to fight in Maori Wars. Peter took his discharge and remained in New Zealand, marrying an Irish lass Annie Florence Houlherhon and had a large family and they were my Great-grandparents.

I am a New Zealander living in Brisbane, Australia and would be thrilled to find any connection to PETER LOFTUS and his family.


Claire Loftus 



Jaime Loftus



My name is Jamie Loftus. My Father is Ronald Loftus and I have 3 Brothers, Todd, Jeffery and Robert. We live in South Dakota and Colorado but are from Iowa. We have traced back to Patrick Loftus from Ireland on but have gotten stuck. We have 8 boys and 6 girls between us 4 brothers. Wanted to connect and see if we could find other clues to our family tree.


Jamie Loftus 


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